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  1. mindy newmark Says:


  2. Matt White Says:

    The Silver Fox can do it all!

  3. Sara (Turner) Eardley Says:

    Your strength is amazing, and your faith is inspiring.
    May you and your family continue to be blessed.
    Sara (MHS ’85)

  4. mindy newmark Says:


  5. ann benjamin Says:

    hi matt — i just met your wonderful parents on the Veendam and they told me and my husband, basyl, of your incredible strength and courage and all of your abilities — i just wanted to say hi to you and let you know that a couple of folks in seattle have you in our thoughts and prayers — donation will be coming, but we lost our credit card in venice and are trying to untangle that mess — best to you — A. Benjamin

  6. gugarist Says:

    Good site!

  7. Scott Steffen Says:

    Hey Matt,

    I’ve been thinking about you recently and then Tony Reid (a friend from Butler) mentioned you also. So I finally felt inspired to write and tell you that your work is remarkable. Keep that fighting Spirit!!

    God Bless,

    Scott Steffen

  8. lori & jay Says:

    Happy Anniversary Matt and Shartrina.

    With loads of love to you both,

    lauren, jay and lori

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    Nice site. Thank you.

  10. mindy newmark Says:


  11. Jim Rogers Says:

    Dad/Uncle Dick sent me the Herald article it is awesome as is your website. Makes a person humble and proud just to be a reletive. I am still in the N Manchester area and preparing to go to Texas at the end of the week to see Dad. Some time I will have to make the Florida swing.
    Best wishes from my family to yours… Jim

  12. Terry Stafford Says:

    A fellow member of MHS Class of 85, sent me the Herald Article. I found it, and your website, to be amazing, and uplifting.Your strength, Drive, and passion for life, are an inspiration, to me.You are in my thoughts…Terry(class of 85)

  13. carla Says:

    Hello to both of you,
    My mom (68) was recently dx’d with ALS. I’m going to send her your website. I think it will be very uplifting. She’s very much still in the grieving/gonna die stage. Not leaving the house, that sort of thing. She feels guilty that she can’t be the wife to her new husband (high school sweetheart, btw) that he signed on with. She was dx’d about 6 mo. after they were married. Y’all’s marriage well into Matt’s disease is inspiring. Hopefully it will give her the gumption to make the most of each day she can with her DH.
    Thanks for your courage and for sharing it with others.
    Carla in Austin

  14. Little Joe Says:

    Inspiring and Humbling Matt, ….time goes all too fast. You are an amazing inspiration for all of us! God Bless and Keep You and give you all the strength you need – he always provides…
    Looking through all of the pictures on the web site and seeing your Mom & Dad, I can still hear everyone’s laughter, especially Sam’s when he was get’n crazy with Terry (Tack) back on the streets of River Cove. Like I mentioned in my email to you yesterday, I have never forgotten all of the times and will work to make you laugh at some of those fond memories through future memos: (Mousey & Mandy, The Blue Falcon, The Green Impala, Tackle football in the empty lot, our trip to the White Sox game together, raking the pond at Sycamore’s 17th with Layne for 100’s of golf balls, and many more.
    Like you have mentioned, it will never take away your heart and soul and mind. One of the many images I have of you in my mind is when Connie and Howard took me to my first cross country meet to watch you compete – Your eyes focused, sweat beading, hundreds of runners. Jockying for position, mile 1, mile 2 and then the final turn off of the track fencing heading toward the line at the west end of the tennis courts, you find one more gear, the crowd roars, your hands go up – and you nipped him at the line…..taking your number, breathing heavy, no more sweat, you pop a smile as you pull on your sweats – You’re a Champ and you always will be Matty!!!!! Take care and God Bless, tell the family I said hello and I’ll talk to you later with another story from the heart……

    Little Joe

  15. Bobbie Goltz Says:

    Hi Matt! I work with your Uncle Marv at Dupont Hospital. I am listening to your radio show this morning on WBCL radio in Fort Wayne. You are such an inspiration to me. I enjoy all of the stories, and pictures Marv shares with me. My daughter recently got married and now lives in Venice Florida. I told Marv, that now we will be visiting Florida often and I would love to meet you! Thank you for sharing your story today. God Bless you and your family and have a wonderful Christmas!

  16. Marie Quick Says:

    Good Morning Matt! I always listen to WBCL and was so surprized to hear Uncle Marv telling your story, what an inspiration you are to so many people who think they can’t go on when the dirt piles get high. I love that analogy, I will share that many times in the future while working with my Mary Kay Unit. Tell your mom and dad I said hello, remember them well from the local Sears Store. God Bless you and your wife, will keep you in our prayers as always. In case you don’t remember me, I’m Sean and Kandie Quick’s mom.

  17. Jennifer (Scheerer) Lewellen Says:

    Hi guy! I haven’t written to you in forever and for that I apologize. Your wife is amazing and I would love to meet her and see you sometime if we can arrange it. I thought you might find it amusing that I just became the acting Executive Director of the ALS Association of Indiana. I’ve been on the Board of Directors for nearly 5 years now thanks to your inspiration. 🙂

    Love, Jenni

  18. easystand Says:

    Hello Matt & Shatrina,
    I ran across your videos on Youtube and wanted to say Hello. I work for the company that makes the EasyStand that you use. Keep up the great work. You really have a nice website and I am sure you are an inspiration to many.

  19. Steve White Says:

    Hey Matt and Shartrina, I also sent you an email…you have a great site, and you’re both truly inspiring! God bless!

  20. Heather Krasna Says:

    I have to say THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU for your amazing YouTube videos. My brother’s been struggling with ALS for years and his head is leaning to the side. The headrest you found is totally amazing. Thank you so much.

  21. mindy newmark Says:


  22. Liz McFarlane Says:

    Hi Matt and Shartrina!

    Just wanted to say hello and that we’re thinking about you!! The research is plugging away: one of the Packard Center grantees, Jeff Johnson at Univ of Wisconsin, has published really exciting work about the neuroprotective aspects of the body’s natural detoxification processes. Seems we can “ramp up” that process to make motor neurons stronger and counteract the progressive loss of nerve cells. This can delay onset of disease and extend life!

    Hope all is well and sunny in Florida!

    All the best, Liz

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  25. Mark Larsen Says:

    Matt and Shartrina,
    I just saw your motivational speech to the Butler Bulldogs. Needless to say, it was an honor to witness and be touched with your message. I will never forget it. I’m sure the team and anyone else who watched, felt and heard the power behind your words. I was lucky to have seen the Bulldogs play last week in Salt Lake City and so I felt some attachment. Best of luck to you and Butler. Mark

  26. Kurt Brubaker Says:


    My fiance’ Denita works with your wife at the YMCA. She forwarded me an email explaining your trip to the final four and your opportunity to speak to the team.

    I am not much of a basketball fan but after reading the email, I am pulling for you and the Bulldogs.

    Now that Butler is playing Duke on Monday, one more game until you can see the Bulldog’s cut down the net and raise the trophy.

    I wish you the time of your life!!!!

    Kind Regards,


  27. li Says:

    my bestfriend just lost her dad to als two months ago. were all still taking it pretty hard, every little thing upsets us. your website has really helped the last few days. i admire you’re strength, and your outlook on things, especially after ten years with als. you’re a strong man! keep the fight alive <3. give everything but up.

  28. Adrienne Apple Says:

    I’m going to get some more wristbands to pass out at school. Luckily the whole high school has about 50 students (yay small school), so I should be able to get enough for everyone. Still looking for that speech, but my teacher thinks she has a copy of it. I’ll let you know as soon as we find it, and if we can’t, I’ll try to write it from memory. Do us a favor, though, and keep going until Butler wins the championship!

  29. Derek Burns Says:


    Thank you for being such an inspiration to all those you have come in contact with through the years. I’ve never had the pleasure of meeting you, but I can honestly say that your story and your words have heavily impacted my life, as well as the lives of all Butler students and alumni.

    I was at the Delt house on Sunday for chapter and while walking down the stairs to the basement, your composite photo caught my eye. At that moment, a strong sense of pride began to build inside me. Words from your speech to the Bulldogs began to fill my thoughts.

    During our meeting, we discussed adding another philanthropy to our yearly activities. Every fall, Butler Delts have a “Delt Dunk” competition for the entire campus. We wondered why we never made this a charity event. After some discussion, the chapter unanimously decided that we would starting taking donations during the event for your ALS foundation.

    With heavy planning and dedication, we hope to make this addition a success. I will keep you updated with the chapters progress.


    Derek Burns (BZ ’06)
    Chapter Advisor

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  37. Karen Rieman Says:

    Hi Shartrina and Matt,

    I think of you two often. I feel I was priveledged to have gotten to meet you and help even if in a very small way. I am very sorry to have left so abruptly. Dad Rieman had a severe break and we had to fly him back to Michigan.
    I have been going over the website. Very impressive. I also got to see your wedding photos and read your vows. I so wish all married couples could understand the preciousness of the time and life that they have together
    I hope you and Matt are still strong. How is the new puppy?

    My prayer for you two is that you will both see God’s hand guiding you through every
    Kare Rieman

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