Superbowl 2007

December 17, 2006 

Dallas Cowboy Haters can breathe a bit easier following Sunday’s home win by da’Bears.  The win means we may be lucky enough to see the ‘boys trounced on the really really cold tundra of Soldier Field.  As a further barrier to Dallas making it to the SuperBowl, I put $100 on them to win the NFC, a virtual guarantee that they won’t. 

Not watching the Cowboys play will give us plenty to celebrate when the 4th Annual Dallas Cowboys Haters Convention meets in Cape Haze the weekend of February 3-4, 2007.

Be aware that the Super Bowl is in Miami this year which may affect flights intoSW Florida, so make reservations soon.  Feel free to come anytime on Friday or Saturday, just let Neper know your travel plans as he’ll be coordinating cars and drivers.Be prepared for another great weekend of booze, food and brotherhood.  We’ll catch up with the recently married Mouse and BA, hear all about the Berry twins, and find out how the hell Mike Tomlin became such an athlete.


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