Barry Newmark- Team CureALS

Barry Newmark is a long time advertising and movie executive from Chicago.  Even the go-go world ofMichigan Avenue has not kept Barry from his regular workouts that began years ago as an offensive lineman at Illinois State.  His fourth marathon, which coincided with his 50th birthday, was the 2005 Chicago Marathon.  At the time he said it would be his last, but a couple of years and a good cause have erased the painful memories and he’s ready to try again.  “Okay, call me crazy, AGAIN- but this is too good of a way to raise money for Matt’s Foundation not to go one more time”, Barry said.  As a member of Team CureALS, Barry will use raising money for ALS research as the special motivation he needs to run the 2007 Chicago Marathon.  Your pledges may be just what it takes for him to finish.

Barry’s good friend and former business associate Matt White is dying of ALS.  ALS, also known as Lou Gehrig’s disease, is a progressive neuromuscular disease in which motor neurons controlling movement of the voluntary muscles gradually cease functioning and die. The result is progressive weakness, muscular atrophy and, eventually, when respiratory muscles fail, death.  At this time there is no known cause, cure, or treatment for ALS.  The Matt White Cure ALS Foundation is a non-profit 501(c)(3) charity whose sole purpose is to raise money for distribution to the world’s most promising ALS research centers.  Matt’s goal with The Foundation is to fund a cure and leave a legacy of hope for those who follow.  His efforts to raise funds are absolutely necessary if there is to be a cure.  Due to the rarity of ALS, very limited public or corporate funds are spent on ALS research.  Any progress towards a cure must be made with the support of individual giving and private donations.


Yes! I will help Barry Newmark raise money to find a cure for ALS.

                                 Enclosed is my tax-deductible contribution of $_________made payable to : 

Matt White CureALS Foundation

210 Capstan Drive

Cape Haze, FL 33946

Name_________________________________________________________Email______________________________________ Address_________________________________________________________________________________________________ City_____________________________________________State______________________ZipCode______________________   Payment:        Check                            Online     

When you click on the “donate” link you’ll be redirected to PayPal, our processor for online donations. Thanks for your generous support!

Click to donate!

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 Download Barry’s Flyer:


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