Visitors Welcome!

We love having visitors.  It’s our way of traveling the world.  We have plenty of room and love it when friends and family come for a visit.  So please visit!  All we ask is that you make yourself at home, and Matt does have one other rule, but he’ll tell you that when you arrive. 🙂
Also, if you have been diagnosed with ALS and would like to come visit or talk with us, we would love that too. 
Thanks for visiting! July 2008
Thanks for visiting! July 2008

 August 2008

August 2008

4 Responses to “Visitors Welcome!”

  1. Steve Onorati Says:

    Hi Shartrina:

    This is Steve Onorati. I am amazed, as always, by you. Just wanted to say hello and connect. I teach high school in Fort Myers.
    Thanks for being you!

  2. Kylie Holman Says:

    I recently came across your page while researching to do a term paper for one of my college courses. My best friend lost her battle with ALS less than a year ago. Your page brought a tear, actually many tears, to know that you are having a fulfilling life with ALS. I commend you and will pray for you and your family. my warmest wishes to you and to your loved ones.

    Kylie H.
    Wilburton, Oklahoma

  3. Viola Says:

    “Visitors Welcome!” was in fact a
    superb post, can’t help but wait to examine alot more of
    ur blogs. Time to squander a little time on the net hehe.
    Thanks a lot -Fanny

  4. Etsuko Says:

    What precisely seriously encouraged you to publish “Visitors Welcome!

    |” 37thvannats ? I actuallyreally enjoyed the blog post!
    Many thanks ,Lydia

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