Wedding Pictures 1


8 Responses to “Wedding Pictures 1”

  1. Sha Says:

    Matt, You always could get the good looking ones! Shartrina is beautiful and the pictures of the two of you are all “LOVE” which is hard to find these days in this world. Except of course at Steve and Sha’s house!!
    We love you ant the kids say prayers for you often!
    I would love to meet the two of you some time soon. . . 1st week of April we will be in Siesta Keys. . . . . or maybe I could train for a fundraiser. . . . these old legs have something left to give I’m sure!
    May your days be blessed with happiness and awe!

  2. J Says:

    Matt…you don’t know me but I stumbled accross this pic. of Dave Neper while “browsing” for him on the internet. Please know that I find your story inspiring and humbling.
    My point here is that while it has been good to lay eyes on Dave one more time (I dated him in the late 80’s), it is equally good to know your story. Carry on, be brave and continue the fierce fight.

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